Kim Kardashian's Office Tour: Brain Scan, Mannequin, &...Tanning Bed?

By Gyaanly | 19 - Jan - 2024

Kim Kardashian? Of course, she has a "glam room" in her office, complete with a custom mannequin replicating her perfect form. 

But that's just the tip of her latest TikTok tour. Forget boring corporate cubicles, Kim's SKKN BY KIM headquarters is pure Kardashian-level extra.

The "Of Course" trend gets a reality TV makeover as Kim struts through her office, framed magazine covers lining the walls like a personal Hall of Fame.  

But the real jaw-droppers are yet to come. We're talking 3D models of her brain 

(because why not?) and a tanning bed for that signature glow (even in fluorescent-lit boardrooms).

Is it practical? Maybe not. But is it undeniably entertaining? Absolutely. Kim's office tour is a glimpse into the mind 

(and wardrobe) of a mega-mogul who doesn't shy away from the spotlight, even when it's focused on her tanning habits. Get ready for  

giggles, gasps, and a newfound appreciation for the ordinary – because after seeing Kim's office, your cubicle suddenly feels kinda zen.

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