Woman Loses  $204K in Bitcoin ATM Scam Don't Fall for This Bitcoin Scam

By Gyaanly 

Fake Pop-Up Scare

A woman named Sue gets tricked by a fake security alert on her laptop, leading her down a dangerous path.

Phone Scammer Swoops In

A smooth-talking scammer convinces Sue her money is at risk and pressures her to withdraw cash.

Bitcoin ATM Trap

 Over 13 days, Sue makes multiple large deposits into Bitcoin ATMs, believing she's safeguarding her funds.

Friends Try to Help

Sue's friends warn her about the scam, but the scammer manipulates her into ignoring them.

Greedy for Big Bucks

Experts warn that crypto scammers target large sums, using manipulative tactics to pressure victims into Bitcoin transactions.

QR Code Deception

Victims are often given QR codes, falsely believing they control their funds during the process.

Don't React in Panic

Experts advise caution and suggest contacting your financial institution directly if you have security concerns.

Second Opinion Saves

Stay skeptical and seek advice before making any financial decisions based on alarming messages.